Determine genetic map position of SNP's


This application is designed to determine the Genetic Map position in centiMorgans of SNP's from the Human Genome subset of the dbSNP database. We use the Rutgers Combined Linkage-Physical Map of the Human Genome to locate markers on the Genetic Map. However, we have carried out a smoothing calculation to estimate genetic map positions including those markers which have not been mapped directly.
Please note that we only include in our 'mappable' set those SNP's which have been mapped to a physical location in the NCBI RefSeq dataset.
Input data should be a file containing a list of rs numbers from dbSNP with a single identifier per line. You may include the rs at the beginning of the identifier if you wish.
Any issues relating to this application should be addressed to Peadar at the Conway Institute Bioinformatics Service
Data taken from NCBI dbSNP Build 123

Map SNP's

Please provide a file which contains a list of SNPs.
We will return the genetic map position in centimorgans of each SNP.
The list should be in the format of a single RS number per line.

Select the Browse button to choose a text file to upload. Then click the Submit Query button.

Please enter a list of SNPs


Output is a HTML table on this page indicating the Chromosome(s), physical location(s) in base pairs and genetic location in centiMorgans of each SNP provided in the input file. In some cases you will find NA as the result set. This usually indicates that the SNP has been withdrawn. In other instances the SNP will be mapped to a set other than the RefSeq. You can find more information from dbSNP by clicking on the link provided for each SNP. If you find a chromosome returned with NA for physical and genetic postions, this indicates that the SNP is unplaced on the given chromosome.